A Day in the Life of a Hindu Priest

How does a Hindu Priest fill his time? To find out, TrueTube followed Krishan around with a camera for a day.

A Day in the Life of a Sikh Granthi

Sukhdeep Singh is a Granthi in the Sikh faith. But what does that mean? He let TrueTube follow him around with a camera all day to find out.

Future Humans

Genetic engineering is now a reality. Scientists can make tiny alterations to an embryo’s cells which means that hereditary diseases like cystic fibrosis could one day be eradicated for good. It could also mean that parents might be...

What Do You Mean I Can't Change the World?

Jemmar tells the story of how she went from hating how she looked, to a realisation of the injustices that made her feel that way, to proud acceptance of herself as a beautiful, working class, black young woman....

A Day in the Life of a Muslim Imam

What is an imam, and what does he do all day? Say, "Salaam alaikum" to Naveed and watch as TrueTube follows him around with a camera.

A Day in the Life of a Jewish Rabbi

Meet Rabbi David. He kindly allowed TrueTube to follow him around with a camera to see what he does all day.

A Day in the Life of a Christian Vicar

What does a Christian Vicar do all day? TrueTube followed the Reverend Jane around with a camera to find out.

A Traditional Mosque

Use this interactive resource to help you learn what the different parts of a traditional Mosque are called, and the names of all the objects you'll find inside.

A Day in the Life of a Buddhist Monk

Say hello to Manapo. He’s a Buddhist Monk, and TrueTube followed him around with a camera to find out what he does all day.


Meet Gabriela. Or Stephanie. Or Yana.

How much do the circumstances of your birth affect the person you become? How much influence does your upbringing have on your beliefs? How different would your life have been if you had...

Charlie and Blue Interactive

Charlie gets home from school to discover that her favourite soft toy (and best friend) Blue has made a mess of her room. Help her to tidy up!

Three interactive games to help young learners remember some basic facts...


A comedy drama for SRE (or RSE) lessons about Ryan and Natalie - two young people struggling through their first sexual encounter, and having to deal with each other's expectations, a shiny trumpet and way too many cats....