Human Rights Day

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10th December 2018

Free Speech Vs Censorship

Should song lyrics be censored… or should we all have the freedom to express? Hear what members of the public and music artists think about this.

Dictatorship To Democracy

Alois from Zimbabwe talks about his personal experiences in the country and gives his view on the reality behind the stories we hear from the press.

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Amnesty International discuss the vital role the media plays in promoting human rights, but warns that they can sometimes overlook their social duties in the search for a good story.

Human Rights: What Do You Think?

People on the street give their views on human rights: what are they, who has them, who enforces them, what do they mean for us and where does the media fit in?

Fighting Suppression

Wai Hnin is an asylum seeker from Burma, who fled to England for the chance to study freely. Her father is a political prisoner in Burma, because of this she is constantly under threat in her homeland.

One Hour To Save The Nation

What is sacred? Human rights and the safety of the nation are things that most people would agree are sacred, but what happens when the two come into conflict? How should we deal with people who threaten our nation? And does the Prime Minister really have a teddy bear? This film is one of four in a series that explores what sacred means in the modern world.

Is Nature Sacred?

What is sacred? The natural world has long been sacred to people, but for many different reasons. Nick (a shaman), Martin (a vicar), Hilary (from an eco-friendly cosmetics firm) and Professor Gordon Lynch all share their views. This film is one of four in a series that explores what sacred means in the modern world.

The Cult of the Child

What is sacred? Most people would agree that childhood is sacred, but society hasn’t always thought so. How did children come to be so protected, and have we gone too far? Look around you – are those children you see? Or monsters? This film is one of four in a series that explores what sacred means in the modern world.

Human Rights: The Global Outlook

Eulette Ewart, a spokeswoman for Amnesty International, sets out their global vision for universal human rights. She explains why they believe what they do and how the organisation puts its beliefs into practice.

Burma Campaign UK

Opinions, views and footage from the Burma Campaign march on the 06.10.07 in London. Activists attempt to raise awareness of the atrocities happening in the country, encouraging people to get involved and asking EU governments to take action.

MTV EXIT: Human Trafficking

Angelina Jolie presents this shocking film by MTV:EXIT about Human Trafficking.

UK Trafficking

We don't always associate trafficking with our own country. This video investigates how much of a problem people-trafficking is in the UK.

UK's Least Wanted

TrueTube takes to the streets and ask the public who they would ban from the country and whether or not it's right for the government to publicly announce who is banned and who is considered an extremist.

Freedom Of Life

Short animation on the range of human rights that can be violated by the State.

Children's Rights

Katy Swain from CRAE discusses why she feels that children are treated as second class citizens in the UK, and why they need greater rights.

The Right To Protest

A protestor organises a protest demonstrating her right to protest. What does it take to hold a protest in the UK?

5 Tips On Fighting For Human Rights

Ideas on how you can challenge the governments decisions and show you support for a campaign.

Iran's Right To Rights

This film considers Iran's right to develop new technologies and govern its people in the way in which it sees fit, without interference from the West.

Peaceful Protests

A musical guide to civil disobedience, which takes us through the ages, looking at the actions of successful demonstrators through from Rosa Parks to Gandhi to the protesters of Tiananmen Square.