International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

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25th November 2018

Prevent Or Defend

In this film an expert gives straight forward advice regarding how to minimise your chances of becoming a victim of rape.

Safety on the Streets

TrueTube investigates the nature of violent sexual crimes on UK streets, dispelling myths about rape and finding out what we need to do to make sure sexual inequality doesn't get in the way of our fight against sexual assault.

Mum's In Prison

A mother of six and convicted heroin dealer talks about the effect her prison sentences had on her family. She says her own choices led to her ending up where she did, despite the fact her father was also a criminal. Teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and drug abuse - is she the only one to blame?

Rape: Human Nature

Is rape instinctive to humans? To what extent can we blame rape on our genetic make-up, or our general human nature? Is it about a need for power or control, or is it a product of evolution that allows men to spread their seed? This film offers a variety of perspectives on this controversial topic.

Down But Not Out

The story of a young girl's experience of domestic violence and how it went on to affect her life. She talks positively of her new career path and new relationship despite her previous circumstances.

Stand Up To Domestic Violence

TrueTube takes to the street to share statistics on domestic violence and to hear the general public's response. People are shocked by the surprising figures, which show 20% of men admitting to some form of domestic violence.

Sarah's Story

Sarah was raped by one of her friends. Here she describes the experience and the aftermath.

It's The Law

The film tackles the challenges that rape victims face when they report the crime to the police. It demonstrates what institutional and personal barriers prevent women from being granted fairness under the justice system.

Rape Demythiser

This film highlights the myths, assumptions and excuses which frequently surround this controversial topic, and explains why they are not true.

I Was Raped

Mary shares her harrowing story about being raped and how she dealt with it.


A film explaining what Rape Crisis Centres can do for people after they've been raped.

Reclaim The Night

Vox pops from women who have gathered to protest against rape, focussing on low conviction rates.

Sex Or Power

This film debates the extent to which rape is a product of sexual desire, or a desire for power over another human being. Rape is the most degrading way of stripping another person of their self-hood and is often committed out of a desire for control rather than having anything to do with sex.


Laura Bates began the Everyday Sexism Project to highlight how often sexist behaviour and even sexual assaults go unchallenged and unreported. In this film women tell their distressing stories of everyday sexism, and invite us all to help make it stop by shouting back.