Parliament Week

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12th November 2018

An Idiot's Guide to Politics

What has politics got to do with everyday life? Quite a lot as it turns out. Sophie takes a look at how our lives are shaped by what goes on in the Houses of Parliament, and why it's important for everyone to get political.

An Introduction to Parliament

What is Parliament? How did it come to be? This short animated film from Parliament Education Service introduces the UK Parliament: including its structure, how laws are made, how it holds Government to account and how you can get your voice heard.

What is the House of Commons?

What is the House of Commons? How did it come to be? This short animated film from Parliament Education Service explores the history, role, work and membership of the Commons and how our Government is held to account.

What is the House of Lords?

What is the House of Lords? How did it come to be? This short animated film from Parliament Education Service explores what the House of Lords is and how its role has evolved over time.

Dictatorship To Democracy

Alois from Zimbabwe talks about his personal experiences in the country and gives his view on the reality behind the stories we hear from the press.

Fighting To Vote

Afghan refugee Ahmad has strong opinions on voting and democracy. He compares our freedoms to the suppression of the people in his home country where people die for the liberties we take for granted.

Politics Makes The World Go Round

We don't always realise how much politics is involved in every single aspect of our lives. This film shows just how much the decisions that politicians make affect us, and why it is therefore important that we affect which politicians take power, by voting.

The Three Ps

Is it important to vote? Who would be your perfect government? What are the most important issues for voters? Do people vote on Policies, Personality or Principles? We asked young people in London's Westminster, the home of the British Government, to share their views.

Fighting Suppression

Wai Hnin is an asylum seeker from Burma, who fled to England for the chance to study freely. Her father is a political prisoner in Burma, because of this she is constantly under threat in her homeland.

Democracy In The UK

A very clear, introductory presentation regarding the nature of democracy in the UK.

Youth And Politics

Why should we care about politics? Young people at Greenbelt air their views on what politics means to them. David Lammy MP and Andy Flannagan comment about why it is important for young people to engage with politics, and talk about how to get involved.

Democracy For Dummies

A animated spoof discussion between two political figures, debating the relative merits of different styles of democracy for the purposes of their own corrupt ends. Contains swearing.