World Environment Day

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5th June 2019

Going All Out

Rajbir Dhillon tells us how far her family will go to save the planet - it's not just about recycling.

Shape the Future

What do you use every day that needs energy of some kind? It's quite scary when you think about it. Have you ever thought about where that energy comes from? And how it is produced? And the effects those sources have on your future? It's the responsibility of everyone to ask questions, to get the right information, and to encourage the government to make the right decisions that will shape the future.

Planet Poor

Young activist Aled Fisher, for the Green Party, says you don't have to have green stuff to have a green life: young people can make a difference to the environment even on a budget. Get involved locally and those who are most affected by environmental problems can become the ones empowered to change them.

Young Greens: The Future to Saving the Planet

Campaigner Aled Fisher, shows how joining the Young Greens can empower us to take direct action to fight for the causes we care about most and make a real difference to the world.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth campaigner Katie explains the basic ways each one of us can save the planet, both for ourselves and for the future generations.

Cleaner Medina

The Cleaner Medina project is a clean-up initiative run by the Muslim Community in Birmingham. We hear their views and opinions as to why a cleaner community is a healthier community, the lack of attention from the council surrounding the issue and how it ties in with their faith during Ramadan.

Shopping For Me, Shopping For Us

Robin, a chef, demonstrates how we can support our economy by shopping in our locality. He argues that locally sourced food is tastier, as well as being kind to our community.

Our Oceans Are Dying

Willie MacKenzie from Green Peace discusses the importance of the ocean. He shares facts and figures about the mankind's damage to the oceanic environment due to climate change, high levels of fishing and lack of care.

GM Foods: Saviour Or Destroyer?

Kirtana Chandrasekaran and Colin Merrit argue the pros and cons of GM food production.

Is Nature Sacred?

What is sacred? The natural world has long been sacred to people, but for many different reasons. Nick (a shaman), Martin (a vicar), Hilary (from an eco-friendly cosmetics firm) and Professor Gordon Lynch all share their views. This film is one of four in a series that explores what sacred means in the modern world.

Can God Save The Planet?

Charlotte Dingle, a young Green activist, goes to Windsor Castle to ask religious leaders gathering there what they are doing about climate change, and why faith is important in the struggle to save our planet.

Planet War

A representative of "Friends of the Earth" shares details about the damage that war causes to the environment. Weapons and chemicals used in warfare destroy wildlife and habitats, and could end up affecting the environment's longterm recovery.

Why Bother?

Pupils at a South London school debate whether individuals should invest time and money in trying to make a difference in the fight to save our planet. Can small steps really make a change?

Can America Save Us?

Filmed shortly after Barack Obama became President of the USA, Green activists share their opinions on America's environmental policies and their hopes for change under Obama's administration. Jock Wittlesey of the US Embassy provides the facts, and compares Obama's Green policies with those of his predecessor, George Bush.

A Farmer's Tale

An organic farmer discusses his farming practices, why he chose to be an organic farmer and how sustainable such farming is financially.

Save Them To Save Us

Why should we care about endangered species? Helen Meredith from ZSL London Zoo explains why we should save the animals in order to save ourselves.

Opinions On Global Warming

Do you think one person really makes a difference for the planet? Young people from around the UK give their opinions on this environmental debate.

No Way

Journalist Josie Appleton tells us why one person can't make a difference... and neither can celebrities. We've got to think big and focus on alternative energy provisions.


Young inventor, Emily Cummins, discusses a range of sustainable day-to-day goods that she is creating, using basic scientific principles. In the future, she argues, we will have no option but to use sustainable products, so why not start now?

Polluting Plastics

Plastics are the most common man made materials found at sea - young people talk about Marine Conservation and what you can do to help.

Pedalling The Planet

In a time where everyone is worried about the environment, many people are switching to cycling. However, this film explores the true environmental impact of bicycles and encourages people to look at the facts before they jump on the green band wagon.

Mobile War

A dramatised investigation looking at the different metals and materials used to make a mobile phone, and the impact of our mobiles on societies around the world, and the environment.

Crossing That Bridge

Ever heard that expression "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it"? That seems to be the predominant approach when it comes to climate change and other social justice issues. Using comedy and homage, this film challenges us to act now on climate change. This film was made by a group of young people brought together by the Otesha Project and supported by 1 Minute To Save The World and TrueVan.

Lights Out Lucio

Capital FM's DJ Lucio speaks out in support of the energy-reducing campaign Lights Out London, which has been backed by large corporations and celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney.

Cycle Hero

The world needs a new breed of superhero. Are you up for the challenge?

Holly's Tips: Easy Ways To Save The Planet

Hippy Holly Kate gives her top tips on saving the planet which should be used daily.

Save Us, Save Money

Hippy Holly Kate, tells us how her environmentally friendly attitude saves the world and saves her money in the process.

Going Green

Can Brent Cross shopping centre in North London make a difference with its new green initiatives? How can individuals as well as businesses get involved in saving our planet? And what can young people like Kevin Reid do to help?

Pollution Is Necessary

Interview with student Karl Oorloff regarding whether it is ethical for developed nations to condemn the pollution caused by developing nations.

Do Good Have Fun

Combining causes with clubbing, the Environmental Justice Foundation take over a cabaret event at Whateva club to promote awareness on fairtrade cotton.

Eco Holidays Vs Package Holidays

Would you holiday in the UK to help the environment? TrueTube investigates how eco friendly we truly are.

Food Air Miles

This animation shows how far each ingredient in a sandwich travels before it arrives packed together on a plate, making viewers aware of the environmental impact of foods we take for granted.

The Humble Bee

We will die without bees. Animation on the current issue of depleting bees and what effects this will have on human food supplies.