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The Trouble With Being Gay

A young Pakistani Muslim talks about the consequences of coming out at an early age. Always conscious of his differences, he describes being a victim of bullying at school. Admitting he was gay estranged him from his family...

Help Stop Bullying

We can't all call on an angry oversized radioactive lizard to sort out the bullies for us, but can we count on each other to help stop bullying? This animation was made by a group of young people...

Money Makes The World Go Round

Jade finds herself under financial pressure and has to make a choice about how she will survive. The filmmakers wanted to make an eye-opening film about the choices that young people are faced with today. Choices was made...

Who's 2 Blame?

A 'mockumentary' looking at the issues of young people drinking. This dramatised short looks at some of the issues (and fallout) linked to underage drinking. The film asks: who is to blame for cheap alcohol being available for...

What Happened To You Man?

A poem about a reformed anarchist, repressing the agression which previously drove his life and now boils quitely at the back of his mind. The poem questions our ability to change our personality and forget who we used...

Change Your Area

This film was made by young people wanting to change the views that others hold regarding the areas in which they live. Made at the Gappers Residential 2008.

What Makes You Happy?

Interviews with members of the public in China reveal that happiness does not appear to be culturally relative. We may strive for different things, in different ways, but fundamentally we all want to be happy, and what makes...

Gay: Right Or Wrong?

A variety of views on being homosexual, whether it is right or wrong, and whether you turn out gay because of bad experiences with the opposite sex. Do gay people get away with more bad behaviour than straight...

Getting Into Space

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock is a space scientist. She talks about how she got into her job, what her average day entails, and what her career dreams are.

Circling Around

What does it mean to belong? Is belonging about race, religion or personal relationships? Uploaded as part of the Belonging project by Manifesta

Two Of Them

The story of a girl whose mother passed away too young. By Project Belonging.

Long To Belong

As animals, we instinctively form a pack, and this aspect of our human nature has always directed our desire for social acceptance. But in today's world, with online social networking, increased social mobility and a general reduction in...