Time for Registration!

TrueTube is free, but we ask everyone who uses the site to register (or sign in if you’re already registered) to gain full access to the goods on offer.

You can browse the site without signing in, but to watch a film or download any of our resources, you'll need to login with an email address and password.

Previously registered users will be asked to verify and update their details, and all new users will be asked to sign up, but we have tried to make the process as painless as we can and we ask for your patience while we make changes to the site.

If you're using TrueTube in a lesson, then sign in at the start to avoid hold-ups, especially if you're linking to TrueTube films from another application, like a PowerPoint presentation. 

If you want your students to watch films on their own devices, they can either create their own accounts, or you can give them your unique access code which you'll find if you click Profile (at the top of the screen) once you've signed in. This code will allow access to films, but not to your account.


We have introduced compulsory registration because we’re a charity and need to show our Board of Trustees that their money is being well spent and that lots of people are using the site. We have over 65,000 subscribers (which is impressive – thank you) but we have no idea how often these people are using TrueTube, or who else is passing through.

This doesn’t mean we are now looking at your personal data, but the changes enable us to see in detail which films and resources are being used, where and how often. As well as keeping the Board happy, this also enables us to improve the site by giving you more of what you want.

By registering and then signing in every time you use the site, you’ll be ensuring that TrueTube survives for years to come and keeps providing you with free, high-quality films and teaching resources.

Thank you!