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TrueTube API

API access to our media and resources is available for partners. Please contact us if you would like to request an API key.

This read-only API is available at api/film. By default the results are returned as XML, but you can request JSON format by appending .json to the URL, eg:

You need to provide your API key, like this:

To search on film title, simply provide a 'search' parameter.

You can then access each film's metadata record by providing the nid, eg in XML:

or, in JSON format:

Please rate-limit your API requests. We operate a fair-use policy and will block API keys that abuse this policy. If you need to make huge numbers of requests, limit it, and do it outside working hours for the site, to avoid affecting performance for other users. You will be fine if you keep to less than a few requests per second.

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Benjamin Davies
St Ambrose Barlow RC High School, Salford
Linda Gregory
Head of PSHE, Headington School
Rosemary Rivvett
RE Today
Daniel Hugill
RE Teacher & NATRE Executive
Andrea Keightley
Montesaye School, Northants
Karen Key
St Paul's School for Girls, Birmingham
Teresa Langler
Clyst Vale Community School, Devon